Waiting out the High River flood



The text from my sister made my heart drop: ‘Parents’ house flooded. U been watching the news?’

Military drones put to good use



A fledgling company in southern Alberta is sending drone technology originally designed for the military into the sky to take pictures of sugar beets, potatoes and even cattle.

Upscale doughnut shops satisfying grown-up tastes


Toronto Star

Getting paid to write about gourmet doughnut shops coming to Toronto is awesome. Now I just need one of these places to open in my neighbourhood.

Retail: Who will target Canada next?


Canadian Business

Target was just the beginning. This feature examines the changing retail landscape in Canada as U.S. companies expand north.

Return on Investment: The economic case for the arts in Alberta

business, arts

Alberta Venture

I used to work in an open-concept office, so when I overheard my co-worker talking about assigning this out to a freelancer, I offered to write it myself.

Growth Spurt: Alberta Venture stops over in Okotoks


Alberta Venture

Growing up in High River, Alta., I remember Okotoks as the rival town. I returned as an adult and found an economic hot spot in the Foothills.

Alberta forestry mills looking to thrive, not merely survive


Alberta Venture

In researching this 1,100-word snapshot of the Alberta forestry industry, I was amazed at the optimism and resilience from people who, it seems, have had nothing but bad news for the last decade.

Catching baseball fever


National Post

I tried to become a Jays fan. Someone even let me in the press box and the dressing room.

‘We have placed a bomb in school and anytime we will activate it’

Crime, Courts

National Post

A series of bomb threats against a quiet elementary school had parents in the neighbourhood on edge. I hung around playgrounds in the Junction for a couple days, trying to piece everything together. I found a truth stranger than fiction.

Terrorism victims will be allowed to sue, PM says


National Post

Being the sole intern who gets stuck working the weekend shift at the National Post can have its advantages. In this story, the Prime Minister addressed the Canadian Jewish Congress on a Sunday in June. His announcement about anti-terrorism legislation, and my byline, made its way onto the front pages of Canwest papers across the country.